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Family Law Mediation NSW
Bernadette Britt 

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Take decisive action now to resolve your differences and produce a better outcome for your children and avoid the stress of a costly court process for a divorce or family separation

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) can help you avoid an escalation in family breakdown and a costly court process.

I can help you reduce the tension and improve the potential for an amicable separation that works for both sides and is in the best interests of your children.

I provide a neutral and safe environment to examine the burning issues preventing a fair settlement, either in face-to-face meetings, via online video conference or telephone calls. I can also arrange shuttle mediation, whereby you will not need to be in the same space as the other party.

Mediators who conduct FDR are known as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs) in family law. In addition to being a qualified couples counsellor (mBACP) and barrister (NSW Bar Association), I have post-graduate qualifications in FDR and am registered with the Attorney-General's Department (Cth) to practice. FDRPs are authorised to issue section 60I certificates, which are necessary if you want to apply to the court for a parenting order. This certificate can only be obtained from a registered FDRP.

My background has given me broad experience in dealing with the emotionally charged issues that can surround separations.





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Family Dispute Resolution is a confidential process, facilitated by a qualified FDRP who acts as a neutral, independent mediator. The decisions made are not legally binding; however, upon an agreement being reached, this can then be submitted to the court to obtain orders by consent. Everyone has the opportunity to express their point of view and they are free to talk about issues of concern.

Participants need to be willing to listen to the other party, be genuinely ready to compromise and be committed to reaching a solution. They should also be prepared to follow the process. 

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I provide a neutral and non-intimidating atmosphere. The mediation can be arranged to take place in meeting rooms, via a video conference or telephone call from the comfort and security of your own environment.  I will work with both parties to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome. Mediation can avoid lengthy and costly court proceedings and can produce finality and closure, enabling you to move forward positively for a fresh start. The agreement can also be structured to provide the flexibility for change as your children grow older.

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Property Settlements

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Family Dispute Resolution is a pragmatic and cost effective way for separating parties to agree arrangements for your children or reach a settlement on property and assets.  A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) is impartial and will help you discuss the various options available to your specific situation and work out how best to agree a settlement.

A Parenting Plan is a voluntary, written agreement, made between the parents of the children. It encompasses the allocation of the day-to-day responsibilities between each parent and the practical considerations of a child’s daily life. The plan includes how parents will communicate and reach agreement on important issues, that will effect their children over the medium and longer term.  It can be changed subsequently at any time, providing both parents consent.

If you choose Family Dispute Resolution for your property settlement, you are advised to seek independent legal advice prior to this process. Mediation allows both sides in dispute to agree a property and financial settlement. This will take into account each person’s contribution, including property, superannuation, other assets and liabilities. The process will take into consideration both sides' needs, as well as those of the children (if any) in an efficient and cost-effective manner, removing the stress, anxiety and expense caused by litigation. 

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"Every moment is a fresh beginning". T.S Eliot

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Attorney General's Department

Information about Family Dispute Resolution and Family Law.

Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA)

Information on separation, divorce, Parenting Plans, Financial Agreements and Consent Orders

Family Relationships Online

Information and literature to download regarding separation and parenting arrangements.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies

Provides articles and other information about research on families.

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